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Changing Lives

Since 2002 Grace House Inc. of Texas has given hope to women following incarceration and drug addiction. The ministry’s objective is to educate, encourage and care for selected women until they are prepared to re-enter everyday life in a productive confident manner. The Grace House setting and training affords an excellent opportunity for women to overcome addiction, destructive lifestyle choices and be transformed by the power of God.

We have ONE DREAM and that is to continue the amazing work that takes place everyday at Grace House. With the Opioid crisis in South Texas our services are needed more that ever. We are seeking individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches to join our ONE TEAM, each making the commitment to give at least $1000 per year to Grace House. This can be done as a one time or with an automatic draft (from your credit card) of $83.50 per month.


Motivated to share our faith in Jesus Christ, we open our doors to women in Bexar County Jail, and surrounding county jails as well as women’s prisons through out Texas and the USA. Grace House works in cooperation with local judges, parole and probation officers, Re-entry Specialist, CPS, other non profits and the general public.


We receive no government funding but are supported through individual donations, churches and business who have a heart for our mission. Our services are provided at no cost for our residents or their families. The average cost per resident per month is $2,600.00 and we do our best to make every penny count.


The Grace House program works. Individuals experience transformation from the inside out. As root causes of addiction are addressed and dealt with, recovery takes place. Learning practical skills enable women to maintain the drug free lifestyle they have worked for after they leave Grace House. Eighty percent of those who have completed the program are never re-incarcerated and remain drug free.

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April 6th | 7PM

A Gala Supporting Grace House, Inc. of San Antonio Featuring Nationally Known Comedian, Mike G. Williams