Sunnie’s Testimony

May 3, 2017

Hello my name is Sunnie. Coming to the Grace House is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was lost, afraid, and very broken. I know it was the gracious hand of God that led me to the Grace House. I must admit, nine months seemed like an eternity to me, especially knowing I had three little children waiting on me.

The storms of life had consumed me and I was suffocating. I relied on prescription and non prescription drugs for my strength. I knew God but had kicked Him out of the pilot seat of my life. God wasn’t answering my prayers the way I thought He should, so I no longer relied on Him. I relied on the power of foreign substances. I was alive but felt dead inside and had lost my will to live. Death seemed to be the only answer, the only way out of my personal pain and depression.

We are taught that in the event of a airplane crash, we must first put on our own mask. This is what I did at Grace House. For the first time in years I could take a deep breath. I stayed in the presence of God for nine months basking in His Love. The love of God has healed my wounded soul! I am forever set free from the power of the enemy! Death no longer has its chains around me!
The best part about Grace House is that it is built upon the rock-solid foundation of Jesus Christ, I was shown His love in the purest form. I was taught the Word of God and experienced compassionate prayers that were like a healing balm.

I want to be an imitator of Jesus Christ and of the loving people that surrounded me at Grace House. Finally, someone understood, cared, and listened as I released the years of hurt, pain, and grief locked inside of me. I finally felt safe to share all of my deepest pain, shame and brokenness.

Through this sharing God has restored me spiritually, physically, and mentally. Life hurts but God heals. Through my faith in Jesus Christ, now I can bring this healing to my family. I am taking all that I learned back to my family, knowing that God is truly with me, guiding and directing my steps. I lean not on my own understanding but I acknowledge God in all my ways and He makes my path straight. Tears of joy are the only expression I can give to my Savior. Not only am I able to face my fears head on, but through Jesus I can overcome them.

Now I can be the mother that my children need. Now, I have the knowledge, wisdom and tools I need to stand firm in the storms of life knowing, with confidence, that God is always with me.

So how do you explain the unexplainable? God’s love is overwhelming and all-powerful. Almost too good to be true. God is amazing! His love is amazing! The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the grave, lives inside of me- the very same power. What happened to me when I surrendered everything to Jesus is a miracle. Being fully alive is a miracle! I am happy and healthy, living and breathing. It is God’s grace that has saved me from my sin and made me new. I am embracing life as I return to my family as a new creation. My life is forever changed and my family is restored all because of God’s amazing grace.