Education and Recovery Classes

Grace House Education Classes:


Disciple Daily

Learning 12 familiar stories of the Bible and how to tell them in a memorable way to any audience.


A book study which helps one determine healthy and unhealthy boundaries in relationships and life situations.

Life Choices

Class offering Biblical views on various topics relevant to today’s society.

Bible Study

Intense Bible study taken straight from scripture.

Life’s Healing Choices

Is a faith based AA/NA equivalent recovery program that assists in overcoming addictions and encourages clean and sober living.

Addiction Support Group

An ongoing addiction recovery support group based on Biblical principals and a new identity in Jesus Christ.

Women of Worship Choir

Women’s worship choir that practices weekly and sings in various venues.

Experiencing God

A Bible study course on how to hear from God, know His will  and experience His goodness.

Guest Speakers

An assortment of community leaders and ministers visit Grace House and share their life stories with the women each week.

Art For the Heart

Art classes that include pottery, painting, beading, and more.

Financial Peace

Study that gives basic instruction on financial responsibility, money management and debt free living.

Abortion Hurts/God Heals

A post abortion recovery class giving opportunity to grieve the loss of an unborn child.

Computer Classes

Teaches basics skills in the use of Word, Excel, Power Point.


Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.

Safe Food Handling Certificate

Online course required by SA Food Bank recipients. Online Course

Parenting Classes

CPS approved 13 week classes on safe and effective parenting.

Professional Counseling

If  needed or as ordered by CPS.

Limited Scholarships

Determined by Grace House Scholarship committee to assist with further education and vocational training.

Job Search

During the final phase of their program residents work closely with staff and career consultants on resume building, networking, and employment applications to help residents reach their career goals.

Exit Plan

Includes counseling with a number of community leaders to ensure a plan for the future. This includes aptitude testing. Also a personality inventory, spiritual gifts inventory, business and resume coaching plus other resources from the community.


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