Laura Rucks Testimony

January 21, 2019

My name is Lauren Rucks. I am twenty five years old and I was born and raised in Corsicana, Texas. I have two loving parents and a younger brother. I thought my family was perfect but like all families we had our problems. My parents divorced when I was twelve. I blamed myself and carried this guilt for years, losing my identity in the process. I battled depression and anxiety for years and tried to overcome it with men and self medicating.

Earlier this year, I realized I have two children, whom I love very much. I also realized I that had an addiction I didn’t know how to overcome. CPS got involved and I had to move away from my children. I was also required to complete an impatient recovery program. With the help of  my Mom I found Grace House.

Grace House is where God has restored so much to me. I no longer have a CPS case and I am returning home to live with my children and family. He has restored many broken relationships. With the help of Grace House I completed High School; I got my diploma and even walked the stage to receive it.

I have a new found love for Jesus and a healed heart. I came in utterly broken and shattered and I am leaving healthy and whole. I plan to continue my walk with Jesus and I hope to begin college, work and ultimately minister to troubled teens. I thank God everyday for His love and for the opportunity that I had to go through the Grace House program.