Who we accept:
  • Women who are clean, sober and coming out of incarceration.
  • Women between the ages of 19-39.
  • Women who have a strong desire for change and are willing to work hard at recovery.
Services We Provide:
  • 9-month drug and alcohol recovery program
  • 24/7 supervised living in a home setting
  • Structured peaceful environment
  • Food, clothing, shelter, hygiene products
  • Transportation to and from legal, CPS and other appointments
  • Healthcare at Centro-med
  • Community service hours if needed
Classes We Offer:
  • Addiction recovery/Celebrate Recovery
  • Bible Study and Prayer
  • Boundaries/Communication/Connection
  • Anger management/Trauma Recovery
  • Money Matter/Finances for Reentry
  • Basic skills for living
  • Volunteering and special events
  • Assisted Exit Plan
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Can I reside in Grace House if I have an ankle monitor or breathalyzer? – Yes
  • Can I reside in Grace House if I have a CPS case? -Yes
  • May I work while in the Grace House Program? – No, so you may focus on addiction recovery.
  • May I see my family while in the program? – Yes after the first 30 days you may have two 3-hour family visits per month. You may have 3 15-minute phone calls to immediate family each week.
  • May I have a cell phone while in the program? No, but we will hold small personal items for you until your graduation.
  • May I smoke while in Grace House? No tobacco of any type, drugs or alcohol are allowed for Grace House residents.
  • Can I reside in the program for less than 9 months? – No, we ask fr your commitment to complete the full 9 month program.
  • Will you provide housing, job placement or help with bills after graduation? -No, Grace House does not provide housing, pay bills or provide job placement after you complete the program, but we will help you determine a safe exit plan.