Hi, my name is Kirstie Elrod and I’m 27 years old. I was born and raised in Midland, Texas. I have two older brothers, a supportive aunt, and a supportive grandma. I grew up knowing Christ but I did not fully come to Him until 2018. At an early age I started smoking and doing drugs, and finding love in all the wrong people and places. By the age of 20 I had already committed my first felony and by 24, I had 5 felonies. It took being addicted to meth and going to prison for me to want to change. I was sitting in jail when I heard of Grace House. By God’s grace I was accepted into the program that would forever change my life.  While at Grace House I fully surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized. I’ve finally found myself and have strengthened my talents that God has given me, like writing poems and I’d like to share some poetry with all of you:

My life was broken and haunting too. My risky lifestyle was all I knew.

Drugs were what I thought I needed to survive. I thought if I’d stop doing them I would stop feeling alive.

The same routine day after day. I looked to the wrong people to show me the way.

 I finally got arrested, my life I was ready to renew. I didn’t know where to start that much I knew.

One acceptance was all I really did need. God answered my night long plead.

The place was called Grace House this was my blessing from the Lord. After nine months in their program I’m still lost for words.

 I’ve seen blessings and have made new friends. I’m sad my time here had to come to an end.

 I’ve learned about God and myself as well. I’m a changed person and my family can tell.

It wasn’t easy but I made it through. Thanks to the great support of people like you.