My name is Samantha Bustillos, I am thirty-one years old, and my hometown is Corpus Christi,Texas. My drug use started at age twelve. Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes were a part of my everyday life. I dropped out of school in the ninth grade because it was hard to concentrate on school after the traumas I had faced for many years. At age eighteen I moved out of my mother’s home. Throughout my life, I tried to do most things on my own. In my pride I didn’t want help from others or from God. I wanted to do life my way and it led me down a path of destruction. I was pregnant at nineteen with my daughter who is now 12 years old. In 2014 I had my son. My two children are the most beautiful gifts that God has given me. I was with their father for seven years although we never married. When the relationship ended my addiction went out of control. Because of my drug use, CPS took my children from me. The chaos of drugs and alcohol abuse continued for many years, getting clean and sober then going right back to using. After a night of heavy drinking I once again found myself in jail. Even though jail was not somewhere I wanted to be, I sat there for months, and it gave me time to sort things out in my mind. I was ready to stop doing things on my own, I was ready to stop the drug life. I wanted change! The entire time God was at work and in His mercy, He was working for my good. I prayed I could go to Grace House and was accepted. After realizing I was not alone in my battle with addiction, I quit trying to live life my way. I am living proof that Jesus Christ saves the lost and heals the broken. He has done miracles for me! I am very thankful to be clean and sober today and thankful that Jesus Christ is the firm foundation of my life.

Please pray for Samantha as she takes the next steps into the future she has worked so hard to attain.