Visitor Guidelines

We respectfully ask that you adhere to these guideline every time you visit Grace House.


  • Please cooperate with the staff member on duty, she is responsible for the house and she appreciates your support.
  • Please leave purses, phones and laptop computers locked in your car. (Exception of laptops for teaching)
  • Should you need your laptop for teaching purposes, do not allow any resident access to the internet, Facebook or other social media sites and please do not do it for them.
  • No outside food will be brought into Grace House, even for small groups, gatherings or parties without permission. No exceptions. ( Our residents have an abundance of quality foods and many opportunities for culinary delights.)
  • Do not bring any controlled substance on to Grace House property. This includes prescription or illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, e-cigs or nicotine patches and gum.
  • Do not give any Grace House resident over the counter or prescription medicine.
  • Please stay in the common areas of Grace House, no one should enter the resident bedrooms.

Your generosity and heart to help is always appreciated but never expected. If you wish to give something to the residents when visiting, please consider small gifts for all 12 ladies,
These are the acceptable items:   nail polish, chap-stick, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, eye liners, socks, gloves, flip-flops, house shoes, refillable water bottles, combs, brushes, hair bands, hair ties or clips, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, journals, spiral notebooks, file folders, sticky notes, bookmarks, small jewelry, sweat shirts, T shirts, or other small gift items that have prior approval from a staff member.

Thank you so much for your cooperation with this matter.